Pendant lighting is a useful change in modern bathrooms. It creates a unique touch and provides you with more room on the walls. Nowadays, you can choose between various shapes and sizes because pendant lights have become very popular.


Many homeowners are unsure where to place them. Maybe you should talk to your interior designer and choose the best area for them. If not, here are a couple of ideas here you can hang bathroom pendant lighting.

Vanity lighting

They are stylish, versatile and we all need more light over the vanity. For this occasion, you can hand two or three pendants, which will change the traditional look of our bathroom. They are also an excellent solution of the vaulted ceilings as they help to draw the eye down.

 Try to find a home depo store which will provide you a lot of options to create the pendant lighting look for your modern bathroom.

Ove the tub

Yes, you can install pendant lighting over the tub because it will help you create visual interest. It will scatter the light over the entire bathroom and highlight its features. The pendant lightings are an excellent choice for tubs because it’s an efficient source of light. Here we usually perform delicate actions like shaving. You should look for a pendant that can stand alone, preferably one featuring a lot of texture or geometric lines.

Dramatic lead-up

If your master bathroom has a long hallway, then think about using the narrow space to present some dramatic pendant lighting. With the two Calx Led pendant lights, you will be able to create the way into the bathrooms. They are also excellent for pointing out multiple areas in your bathroom, but also in the closet or entryway.

Utilitarian lighting

While pendant lighting may not be able to provide you enough light, it is essential to choose the right fixture. In this case, you can select the uplift pendant light; it is 3000K, 24-watt bulb. It is recommended for task lighting, which is ideal for your bathroom mirror. It will help you a lot, especially when you are applying your makeup.

The better ambiance

We are all aware of the fact that layering the light in the bathroom is the key to lighting success. Pendant lighting is an excellent way to include a lot of ambiances. You should try flanking your vanity with two ambient lighting pendants to achieve a better illuminating effect.

They free up the walls

When you have pendant lightings installed in your bathroom, it means they will free up the walls for mirrors and cabinets. If you have a small bath, then you need to widen the space to provide more functionality. The only way to do that is by setting up linear pendant lights.

We hope these ideas can help you transform your bathroom and provide you with more room for the basic needs. Keep in mind that every bath needs to be lit well to be functional and useful.