In the past, the lanterns were used as a source of light when we didn’t have electricity. You could find them in nearly every home. But, now, things have changed, and they have become forgotten items of our past. But, there is something mystical about lanterns that still draws people towards them. Lanterns can be used as an excellent accessory to your garden, or you can even decorate your home with them. If you love spending time outside and you feel a special connection to vintage stuff, then we have one suggestion for you. Why not transform any lamp into a lantern?

Here are a couple of steps which can help you make a diy lantern lamp


Lantern – you can repurpose any lamp you find. Whether it’s wooden or metal, the both of them will serve the purpose. If possible, try to find something with a raised base that provides you space for the socket flange. You should be able to purchase a lantern in any discount variety store, and its price is quite affordable. If not, always try the Internet.

Lamp cord – did you know you buy wire-free DIY lamp cords? For instance, you can head to IKEA and purchase one there. For the cheap money, you can buy self-assemble lamp with equipped cable. Even better, if you have old lamp, you can use the cord for this project.

Lantern Lamp

Light bulb – deepening on the size of the lantern, you will select the appropriate light bulb. For example, you can use a 15-watt pilot bulb which will complement the subtle nautical style of the lantern. Light bulbs can be found in supermarkets or craft store. If you want stronger light, then choose a more powerful light bulb that will offer you more light. Of course, you can get fancy with decorative filaments bulb, or use a traditional candle-shaped one.

Step 1

Make a hole in a base of your lantern; it needs to be large enough to accommodate the socket, but not too big that flange fits through. The flange needs to be secured by the underside of the lantern so you can adequately secure the socket. Use a hole saw to make a hole.

Step 2

Paint the socket sleeve. This will help you disguise the plastic look and provide the better appearance. Select the appropriate color for wood or mental, depending on the material you use. You should also choose to conceal the sleeve once in place.

Step 3

Place the socket through the hole and insert your bulb. You should use a spring-loaded arm to secure the locket in place.

Step 4

Now comes the fun part. Considering that your lantern in nearly done and all the features are placed, you should decorate it a bit. You can use various colors and patterns to make your lamp look more appealing than before.


Since creating this lamp doesn’t require much time, you can make a couple of them and decorate your room and yard. They an excellent accessory and can even serve you as a gift. The lantern lamps are an excellent accessory to any home, and they will help you decorate your home in a rustic way. During summer, they can be an excellent source of light in your garden. You can organize friends’ gatherings and parties.