Featuring metal pieces of furniture in your home is beautiful but also challenging experience. Due to its sturdiness, they are quite heavy to move and manipulate around the house. But, with the help of a particular type of paints, you can make anything look like metal.

How To Make Wood Look Like Metal With Paint?

So, when are you’re preparing wood for paining, make sure you sand everything carefully, or less your wood will be bumpy. This is an essential step, so don’t skip it because the rougher it is, the harder it will look like metal. So, in a couple of steps, we will show you how to transform wood into metal.

Find something to paint

Regardless of what piece of wood you plan to use for this technique, keep in mind, it needs to be flat and smooth. Depending on the texture, you might have to sand it a couple of house before it is smooth to touch. But, you don’t have to do this manually, there are a lot of tools which can help you complete this process in a matter of minutes. Remember to use a protective mask because fine dust may affect your lungs.

Buy some spray paint

We recommend you Rust-Oleum spray paints, you can use something cheaper, but we don’t guarantee you positive results. The “Vintage Copper” is the best shade for wooden items. But, also any of the metallic brass paint for wood will look nice.

Get something to sand with

The trick to making something look metallic is sanding. You can use sandpaper of sand blocks, which are more efficient. Make sure to buy sand blocks that are intended for “between coats” use. Each sand block has a number mark, and it represents grit designation. The higher the number, the finer the grit is. For this task, you will want to use between 240 and 320.

Spray your object

Spray a moderate coat on your object, but not so full that it could bead or drip. At this stage, you’ll want your wood grain to show still though. Make sure your spray paint thoroughly dries. It will take you from half an hour to an hour for this action, depending on the humidity.

Sand it

With 240 or 320 sandpaper, start sanding your object with flat circular strokes. In this case, try to remove every last imperfection in either spraying or the material itself.

Repeat the last three steps

You will probably have to keep doing this until you are sick of it if you want a perfect and smooth surface. The essential thing is in details, so don’t be afraid to perfect them. You will probably have to repeat these steps nine times. We know it’s too much, but if you want excellent results, then you’ll have to invest some time and effort.

Buff with a soft cloth

After you apply the final spray, do not sand it again. You sand between layers, not after them. After you complete the projects, you should buff the object to bring out the sheen of metal in it. You can use old t-shirts, but the washcloth works best.

This project can last up to several days, depending on the size of your object. But, the final result will be stunning.