In the last couple of years, smartphones have taken over timekeeping duty, but there is something great about wall clocks. It never gets lost, it doesn’t have to be charged every day and costs are lot less. Besides it keeps you on time, a wall clock also makes a design statement in any room, from a living room to the kitchen. The brass clock provides an antique design and beautiful presence in your place. But, before you head out to browse for a brass clock, we will share with you a couple of tips to facilitate this experience.

Treat your wall clock as a piece of art

A brass wall clock can be a particularly attractive piece of decoration. Whether it’s alone, or part of an art assembly, it is identified as a functional item and also creates a pleasant visual impact.

With a brass wall clock, you should be able to make a focal point and help your living room stand out.

Mix and match

Why not combine different designs in a couple of room. If you have already decided to use a brass clock for your living room, then you don’t have to match the entire house. For instance, you can select a delicate mantel clock for a bedroom, an Art Deco Wall clock for lounge and a vintage clock for the kitchen.

Style and substance

The essential feature of any clock is its functionality. The best option would be to combine functionality and style that will match your interior. Think about the design and which style will match which room. Depending on an impact you want to achieve, you will select the appropriate design.

Environmentally friendly

From a practical viewpoint, brass clocks are environmentally friendly because they don’t rely on electricity. The clock mechanism doesn’t leave an environmental footprint, and by purchasing this type of a clock, you are avoiding the need for further production. It is built to last so that you can prevent additional expenses.


After looking at all benefits you are getting with brass wall clocks, we think it’s time to help you decide which one to buy. There are a lot of manufacturers on the market and picking the right one might be a challenging decision. You should pay attention to functionality, design, and colors. After all, they will make the most significant impact in your living room. Their price varies, depending on size and model, but you can find affordable brass clocks online.

However, you can always check the local home depo shops. So, here are a couple of models that may attract your attention:

  • Dillwyn Mid Century Wall Clock by Wade Logan
  • Moment in Time Paris Night Quartz 15″ Wall Clock by Howard Miller
  • Jacobi Swivel Arm 5″ Wall Clock by Bloomsbury Market,
  • Moment in Time J.H. Gould and Co. III 15″ Wall Clock by Howard Miller
  • Ship 15″ Solid Wood and Brass Ship Wheel Clock by Handcrafted Nautical Décor
  • Oversized Wynnefield Metal 26″ Wall Clock by Breakwater Bay